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We are an hacking firm that specifies in retrieving delicate information for our customers at very affordable prices, we believe that information should be able to be accessed by any individual. We facilitate this by providing these hacking services at cheap and affordable prices to our customers.

Fast & Accurate

Our services are always fast from the moment we get tasked by our clients to the moment we deliver to our clients

24/7 customer service

We provide customer service to our customers around the clock to be able to let them have a good experience working with us

Privacy Protection

Our company believes in keeping the dealings between us and our clients private from the third party


Below are services which we provide for our clients

Social media hacking

We Hack all forms of social media accounts like facebook, instagram, snapchat, whatsapp etc

Email hacking

We hack emails to retreive confidential mails and information for our clients

Location Tracking

We utilize the GPS installed in various devices to retrieve their locations. This can be used to track missing phones and gadgets

Phone Hacking

We hack phones of any make including android and ios devices

Database extraction

We extract data from secured databases for our clients

College Exam Questions Recovery

College could be hard but with our help we can recover exam questions from college servers for our clients

Why choose us?

There are various fraudsters out there pretending to be hackers just to dupe their clients. But here at hacker breaker we are credible and our reputation speaks for us

Our Reputation

Our years of experience and feedback from happy customers is enough to speak for us.

World wide service

We provide services to not only people in tthe states but everywhere on the surface of earth.

Rocket Speed of Service

The speed of delivery of services to our customer is our most priced value which we always try to uphold.






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Social Hacking


Social Hacking


Social Hacking


Phone hacking

Database Hacking

Corporate Hacking

Facebook Hacking

Social media hacking

Location Hacking

Phone Hacking

Phone call record

Phone hacking


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